18 Nov

Amazon Echo Skills

There are already more Alexa Skills than I can count.

Most of them are not very useful or are buggy, but they are improving rapidly.

My family enjoys the math facts skills the most.

Some of the choose your own adventure stories are good.

Uber skill will be useful for some.

Major brands are releasing skills almost every day.  CNN has a skill.  The show, the Voice, has a popular skill.  BBC News has a skill.  The Economist as well.  The skills list could go on and on!

The main idea behind the skills is that when you buy the Amazon Echo, it is not a static product.  It will keep getting better and better over time.

Furthermore, voice control stuff is primitive right now, so don’t judge the skills by where it is now, but by where it could go…which is some place totally awesome in a very short time!

Let me know what your favorite skills are!

17 Nov

Amazon Echo Remote Control

I don’t recommend you get the remote control for the Amazon Echo.

First of all, mine never worked.  Not even once!

Second, even if it did work, getting the Echo Dot in the places in your house that the main Echo can’t hear you is a much better solution.

Third, it is another device to store, find, and use batteries when the WHOLE POINT of the Echo is that you can just use your voice!


12 Nov

Using Pandora on the Amazon Echo

Pandora is central to listening to music in my life, so I’m very happy to say that it works flawlessly with the Amazon Echo…well, it does have trouble with weird band names or song names! But, that is to be expected.

You can basically do everything you would ever want to do on Pandora with the Echo. Watch:

11 Nov

What are the Top 3 best Amazon Echo Features?

It would be impossible to list ALL the features that are contained within the Amazon Echo because there are basically an infinite number of things she can do.

However, I can list what I think are the Top 3 features on the Amazon Echo:

  1. Playing music
  2. Shopping lists
  3. Timers

Watch this video for more details:

10 Nov

How well does the Amazon Echo work with Spotify?

I love playing music off of Spotify. The selection is amazing and I can control the playlists (unlike with Pandora).

I also love playing music on my Amazon Echo. It responds well to voice commands and the speaker is very high quality.

Thankfully, Spotify and Amazon play nicely together! You don’t have full control over your library and playlists with the Echo, but you can use a phone app or desktop application for Spotify to send whatever music you want through the Echo via WiFi. It is actually much easier than you would think to setup and use.

Watch video for more detail:

04 Nov

Amazon Echo Timer — Is it Useful?

You bet the Amazon Echo Timer is useful!

It is useful in many more circumstances than I expected.

Probably the most common item is using it while cooking. My hands are dirty or I don’t want to have to walk over to the microwave to use that timer, so I just start a timer with words! Very convenient.

I also use it for timeout for my kids 🙂

Watch the video for more about what I think about the Echo Timer:

03 Nov

The Sound Quality of the Amazon Echo

The quality of the sound and music coming out of the Amazon Echo is quite amazing.

I bet it would beat out many dedicated bluetooth speakers in sound quality competitions.

At a minimum, my family uses the Echo to play music EVERY DAY!

Watch the video for more details:

03 Nov

Amazon Echo Music — What can it play?


Playing music on my Amazon Echo is definitely one of my favorite features, if not my favorite. I use Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Pandora at different times to get Alexa to sing for me.

Her speaker is extremely high quality and can get VERY LOUD. Like, absurdly loud!

Watch the following quick video to learn more: