18 Nov

Amazon Echo Skills

There are already more Alexa Skills than I can count.

Most of them are not very useful or are buggy, but they are improving rapidly.

My family enjoys the math facts skills the most.

Some of the choose your own adventure stories are good.

Uber skill will be useful for some.

Major brands are releasing skills almost every day.  CNN has a skill.  The show, the Voice, has a popular skill.  BBC News has a skill.  The Economist as well.  The skills list could go on and on!

The main idea behind the skills is that when you buy the Amazon Echo, it is not a static product.  It will keep getting better and better over time.

Furthermore, voice control stuff is primitive right now, so don’t judge the skills by where it is now, but by where it could go…which is some place totally awesome in a very short time!

Let me know what your favorite skills are!