28 Oct

Amazon Echo Accessories

Amazon Echo Accessories

The list of accessories for the Amazon Echo has been growing since its launch way back in 2014, here are some of the best accessories you can for the Amazon Echo right now.

1) MoKo Carrying Case– With any precious new gadget or device, you want to keep it protected and yet stylish. The MoKo Carrying case from Amazon offers a range of colors and designs without compromising the safety of your Echo. Made from premium synthetic leather with a soft microfiber interior that protects the aluminium body of the speaker from harm.

2) 3 Year Protection plan for your Echo – Along with the topic of safety, it’s extremely important to cover yourself in case of an accident involving your Echo. This 3 year protection plan covers you for drops and spills and also covers you from normal-use failure. A must if you are clumsy.

3) The Alexa Voice remote – this official, nifty remote connects to your echo via bluetooth and includes a fitted microphone for when you are too far away or if the surrounding area is too loud for your echo to hear you. This remote includes buttons that assist you with volume and also play and pause, previous and next.

4) Amazon Alexa Echo Speaker stand (black) – This accessory enhances strength and stability and protects your device with style and structure. The mount stabilizes sound and comes in a sleek , home-friendly design. The stylish design ensures that the speaker stands perfectly cradles the Amazon Echo as to not impact sound quality.

5) MegaBoot Battery for Amazon Echo – This battery base ensures up to 18 hours of battery life for your Echo device. It includes smart fast charging of around 4 and a half hours and is presented in a clean design to perfectly match your echo stylishly. This accessory enables you to use your echo anywhere without the worry of battery life.

6) Lightning power – The Lycra zipper carrying case bag for Amazon echo speaker and charger – This case includes a 3mm thickness lycra cushion that protects your speaker and is great for travelling and is a must for walkers or hikers. This case enables you to safely transport your Echo even when you visit the most treacherous of places. It is lightweight at only 2.9oz so is easily transportable. Finally it includes a built in carabiner for backpack attachment. This really is the perfect accessory for walkers and travellers alike. This enables you to be able to listen to your favorite songs, albums or audiobooks wherever you are in the world, a very important feature.